Epic Pen 3.6 Beta

The 3.6 release candidate is primarily a bug fixes and feature improvement release.
If you choose to participate in our beta please contact us about any bugs or feedback you might have!


3.5.12 Change List:

Text tool size changed:
We responded to user feedback and reduced the smallest text size.

DPI / Resolution bug:
Resolved issue causing displacement of content on multiple moniters using different resolutions.

Taskbar Icon Improvements:
Epic Pen no longer ‘flashes’ as a selection in the windows taskbar when drawing. It also no longer forces the taskbar to be visible when using fullscreen software such as PowerPoint or Zbrush.

Added Portugese:
Epic Pen is now available in Portugese. Options to change are in settings.

Improvements to activation:
Fixed bug causing Epic Pen to forget Pro activation. Epic Pen can now also be activated via command line across windows accounts. For more information visit our FAQ.

Pro Hotkey bug resolved:
Pro tool hotkeys are now working correctly and can be reset.

Install Icon:
The Epic Pen icon now works in windows programs and features panel.