Epic Pen

Epic Pen 3.5: Extended Toolkit


We’re please to finally announce the release of Epic Pen 3.5: Extended Toolkit.
This update is being incrementally released worldwide and is available here.

So whats included?

  • 3 new tools – Line tool, Text tool and whiteboard
  • Improved screenshot system
  • 8 new colors
  • 6 new languages supported

The new tools & colors:

The Extended Toolkit includes a new line tool, text tool and whiteboard. These tools are hidden in the free version of Epic Pen and can be unlocked by using your activation code in the menu after install. Activation codes are provided upon purchase of a Pro license. We’ve also updated our website with a new payment system so people can now purchase licenses directly.

The line tool has an 8 point guide you can use by simply holding shift. The text tool can be resized using the stroke size hotkeys before you commit the text, this is mapped to your mouse scroll wheel by default.
The new whiteboard also includes a blackboard and functions exactly as you’d expect!

We’ve added new more vibrant colors to the palette as well as previously missing purple and brown. These are also only available to Pro license holders.

Improved screenshot system:

You can now set Epic Pen to remember where to save screenshots so it no longer asks you every time you want to save an image. This option is found in the settings menu and once enabled, the screenshot button will automatically save your screenshot to that folder without interfering with your workflow.

6 new languages:

Epic Pen now supports Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. We’ll also be adding website support for these in future. We want to improve our language support in future so any suggestions are welcome! Epic Pen should now auto-detect your language and change its language appropriately, you can also change this manually in the settings menu.

How to activate a Pro license:

Activation is done after installation and can be found in the main menu under “Activate PRO”.

The rest:

We’ve also given Epic Pen a new cleaner visual style and fixed a few things here and there. If you have any problems with the Beta or 3.5 release please let us know!